A Long Night’s Journey into Dawn

The concept for writing a Life Line of Hope blog began with the aftermath of Ground Zero. The title of this page is the title of my first manuscript (yet to be printed) on the topic. However, the stories and messages outlined on the pages of this site did not begin on September 11, 2001 – but, in essence, the concept for sharing them most certainly did…having been prompted to do so in a dream denoting the following scripture just five days before that national disaster altered the course of American history in a most unbelievable and dramatic way.

September 5, 2001

“Write the things that you have seen; the things that are; and the things that shall be after.” (Revelation 1:9)

I love to write, and I can write about everything or about nothing at all, but most of what I write is about me and my life experiences. In fact, my love of writing has become so well known, that one of my co-workers joked that “If Denise ever went to prison, not having pen and paper would be worse punishment for her than lack of food or freedom.” I wholeheartedly agree with her.

I have been writing all of my life, but I have never been so inclined to share my writings publicly until then.  Unfortunately, because of the very personal nature of my writings, I have always been very cautious about sharing my work with even the closest members of my family. However, on the few occasions when I did “open the closet” and share something, the receiver would laud and honor it as if it was, as I would put it, The Holy Grail. Even so, I could not understand what the big deal was. To me, it was just pouring out my soul (my spirit) on paper – with no intentions, and no aspirations. Recently, however, I noticed that my writing has taken on a broader scope – and a more pluralistic point of view.   That was when I knew for sure that God was directing me to a new level of impartation.

The following is the Final Entry before disaster struck on that fateful day and the launch pad for my newly discovered entry into public displayand sharing of my writings.

Everything that follows after this entry will be in very non-descript order….as I am lead to share by the spirit that dwells within me.

September 10, 2001

To God be the Glory!

My Lord, my God, my great redeemer – I embrace your awesome power – I look to you as my source, my strength, my shield – the great provider – the Lord and giver of life.

My Lord, and my God, I beseech you, I seek your face and proclaim your Holy name – I testify to the truth that is your word. Proudly, I carry the bloodstained banner of Jesus. Humbly, I wear the crown of redemption – knowing the price you paid, as I walk in faith and live by your grace, O Lord! Hallelujah – Amen!

There really is no need to worry

There really is no need to worry

If you really want to see the glory

You have to learn to stand the gore

If you want to see the promised land

Remain faithful, even in the wilderness

And then you must go forward led by faith

Through the pathway that God has prepared

For because of Christ’s death on the cross

You have power over death and the grave

Because He lives, there is no condemnation

So that you can freely tell redemption’s story

Knowing that Jesus Christ is still the King of Kings